perceptions on my life


apparently happening right now…

Raided the clearance section of #fye #musichunting



what if you woke up tomorrow and it was still 2013 and you had to relive the entire year?


I think 2013 might have been one of the worst years of my life.. It’s almost comical how bad haha… Almost.



One of the most important TV series ever made in general and specifically for educational and scientific purposes being revived after decades and being presented by a black astrophysicist. Can we talk about how this is a really huge thing and should make it a priority if possible to watch this show. The world needs it and I have faith in Neil deGrasse Tyson.

30 mins left on the east, let’s go!!

Asger Jorn, The Disquieting Duckling (Le canard inquiétant), 1959, Oil on canvas, modification, 53 x 64,5, Museum Jorn, Silkeborg
Part of the exhibition, Asgar Jorn: Restless Rebel, February 28 - June 1, 2014 at the National Museum of Denmark
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